Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Dawn of the Veggiesaurs

Wednesday, January 11, 2012
Being an avid gym goer and an equally avid veggiesaur (Hi, by the way), I am met with alot of skepticism as to how one is supposed to build any form of muscle when there lacks a main, meaty component from ones diet; it is for this reason, that I thought it appropriate to kick off 2012, with a year-long, completely vegetarian, gym blog.

As of the 1st of February, I will start a core building, fat ending, body toning and building regimen, on nothing but a vegetarian dietary program, custom made by yours truly, so you know nothing can go wrong, ever... ever...

Now aside from slowly monitoring my OWN transformation, I had more of a community based concept for this one, the reason I am starting this a couple of weeks from now is because I want EVERYONE that has the stones to work hard for a year, saurs and saurettes alike can start the program with me, sending photos, ideas, healthy vegetarian recipes, and a plethora of other socially driven online activity, so one does not have to go at it alone, your online community will be your spotters, snapping at you for cheating, and cheering you on for all those pounds you're bound to shed.

How it will work:

The program include: (All of which will be found here)

  1.  A solid, consistent workout plan, with pictures and video.
  2. Pre, peri, and post workout dietary plans and advice, with recipes, all original and from the community.
  3. At the end of every fortnight, I will post my own results as to weight, waistline, and a reflection of said fortnight.

For questions, recipes, inquiries, and general concerns; I can be contacted via:

Twitter: @HakeemJomah   #Veggiesaurs

Please note this program shall proceed and not cease until the end of 2012, you can jump on the train any time, but maximum efficacy can only be achieved via dedication and a strong drive from the start.

I am Hakeem Jomah, leading your new years revolution.


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