Monday, July 26, 2010

i, Vegetarian

Monday, July 26, 2010 0
Ahh, the old blog grind. How I have kinda-sorta-not-really missed thee, with your words and things...

Little to nothing of note has taken place since last I gathered you lot around the old fireplace. Between college and the rapidly expiring remnants of a social life, there's very little to write about that would peak the interest of the follower or pursue the already vague and undetermined theme of my blog.

The theme of my blog henceforth shall be... Hakeem.

After breathing our sighs of relief and regaining our composure, I shall speak to you of what could be a very relevant topic following the Hakeem theme; a series of increasingly frustrating events concerning diet-related cases at the sanatorium, repetitively unhealthy household lunch menus regardless of advice and the ever apparent lack of interest in synthetic hormone packed livers and kidneys. I, Abdulhakeem Hisham Jomah, am now a vegetarian.

Before you flood the streets with thy huzzahs at this conversion, herbivores, a point must be made clear, I do not hiss at the thought of meat, I hiss at the thought of modern meat. Had meat been less synthetic, hormone ridden and physique friendly, I would be all over that mother cow like nobody's business, but the here and now is far from carnivore friendly. Steroids and cancer catalyzing agents (especially in women) are a main, overlooked part of everyday diet; ESPECIALLY in Saudi Arabia due to IMMENSE meat dependence and I've grown quite fond of my current hormone levels to not need anymore, thank you.

The catalysts for this conversion (freckled or otherwise) are many. The pediatrics and Ob/Gyn departments of our good, good teaching hospital has been home to testosterone deluged women and young girls, progesterone smothered men and a surfeit of congenitally deformed babies due to tainted breast milk, osteoporosis thirty year olds due to excess calcium excretion as a result of said hormones, diabetes and impotence in twenty year olds, shoot, even some ovarian and colon cancer cases, DIRECTLY linked to faulty dietary practices that pertain to meat. For just over a year I have been witness to such cases, dismissing them as naught but carelessness in eating pattern, which is not entirely false, however, consumption of meat regularly (more than twice a week) will taint you with the same effects during late thirties as the heavy hitters of massive consumption (more than four times a week) during their twenties.

"Protein this, protein that!" object the carnivores and they'll get no argument from me save for the fact that there's more protein in soybeans, seeds and legumes than in most meats (see table, yes, table) and with a little determination you too can rid yourself of the risk of excess facial hair growth, ma'am!, and you too sir, of male menopausal syndrome!

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