Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Maternity Peeve

Tuesday, May 10, 2011
Chronic complaints concerning the good Bird is that the posts are far too long, too far apart chronologically, and oftentimes, offensive; I share these concerns, I take note of these concerns, and will now address them. 

It's not that my posts are too long, too far apart in chronological interval and oftentimes, offensive, it's just that go f#$% yourself.

Vote me.

With these concerns addressed to satisfaction, one can begin.

The air hormonally ripe with caws and coos of potential, current, and veteran matriarchs, the halls achatter with anxious female interns and residents, helmed by the task mastery of the attending physicians, then there’s me.

Being one of the very few male students at a governmentally funded maternity hospital can be a… trying experience if described in so few words; religious and cultural restrictions hang heavy here, the entirety of the female staff, students, even the patients don the traditional burqa, making distinction a near impossible task if you are not personally addressed, a male student cannot go about his mandatory practices of history taking without being accompanied by the if-not-busy-then-incompliant nurse body, and the majority of the patient war front are less than friendly towards males, if not for cultural reasons, then for falsely driven begrudged ideals that sing,

“Any man is a swine, mainly mine,
So my family and friends do chime,
They’ll abuse, mistreat, and remarry,
Fated to lay here his spawn, I must carry,
Destined for discomfort, my heart I shall freeze,
Towards any that bear, the blight of testes!”

Or something like that.

Jarred back to reality, the world not getting any slower and the day not going by any faster, trusty serpentine stethoscope around my neck, and notebook in hand, I breathe out one last sigh as my day begins.


Souma said...

all I can do is tweet my day in a most frightened fashion. a rotation has never taken such a toll on me as Ob/Gyn has! I'm glad at least one of us has it in him to write. And most wonderfully written, as always!

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